The Wealth Platform is a unique value-exchange business networking platform designed to help not only home buyers and sellers but any Canadian interested in real estate and all related industries. 

TWP covers everything from real estate and mortgages to home and auto insurance, accounting to architecture, home staging, renovating and home care to property law and even branding and marketing for individuals and businesses. It’s a unique combination of seminars, workshops, exhibitions, discussions and business networking all under one roof. Not only this, there’s great discounts for all and even a few lucky draws for the audience. It’s a must attend for anyone interested in knowing more about the real estate market, buying or selling homes for a better value, or looking to interact and network with other individuals and businesses and most importantly to learn how to build WEALTH. To attend please register for the event, Click the register button. It’s a great lead generation opportunity for businesses as well. 

To participate as an exhibitor or a panelist or simply to know more about TWP, please call 6472677960. 


Samrina Qureshy was blessed with the opportunity to move to Canada at the age of 11 with her parents and siblings. Her childhood was spent travelling to many countries thanks to her father being a Chief Pilot with Singapore Airlines. Her love for travel and seeing the world as an opportunity to explore started as a dream at a very young age.

Graduating at the top of her class from Seneca College at the age of 18 she was given the opportunity to work with a renowned Law firm in Toronto Canada. She took this experience to the next level and after completing 2 years in York University in Canada, she decided to attend Law school at University of Durham, England.

While her stay in England she used her 10 Years of retail management experience and worked as a business development manager to help expand small businesses by marketing them in the fashion world. She helped establish
multiple stores, operational and strategic management along with recruitment, customer service, training, development and quality assurance.

Samrina’s journey brought her back to Toronto, Canada where she settled back into the retail world with Luxottica, the world’s largest company in the eyewear industry and voted 3rd in the corporate reputation rankings for the whole of Italy! pending six years with the company and having the experience of building stores and businesses she learned the art of real estate and slowly educated herself in the field to become a successful Realtor in Canada.

Besides running businesses successfully, she has founded TWP and giving a chance to many professionals to excel and market themselves, educated the public, and give back services to the community at discounted rates.